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RIAGenerator helps a development team to control and customize the generated code in a RIA-based application.
The application is developed in WPF and uses the same generator as Visual Studio to generate the "Generated_Code" (CSharpClientCodeGenerator)

This application appears to be complex, but it is really easy to use and allow to save a lot of time in big projects development :
Select a solution, choose service projects, set them where you want to generate DAL .... and let's go: GENERATION.
  • Need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 !


1. Generate the RIA DomainContext when you want
Don't waste time in big solution building. Don't let Visual Studio rebuild all DomainContext at each build.

2. Choose your own namespaces
Enterprise.Project.Server.Service.User -> generation -> Enterprise.Project.Client.DomainContext.User

3. Generate the DomainContext in several projects
Don't attach your service to every LinkedServerProject project attribute.

4. Generate several DomainContext in one project
Don't create an empty project linked with the LinkedServerProject project attribute just to share the DomainContext (like Visual Studio suggests).

5. Run multilingual translation on validation step, just by specifying the entities metadatas



Developed by KRETZ Guillaume, Titanium developer

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