This software allows you to manage multiple Visual Studio Solutions.
All managed solutions are saved in your RIA Generator configuration file.

For each new DomainContext you want to manage : add a new Generator.
  • Need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 !


DomainService : Server side service, attached to an edmx, contains the LinqToEntitiesDomainService and the asociated entities
DomainContext : Client side generated DAL
Generator : Generator instance (one per DomainContext) created in your RIA Generator

Main menu

  1. Main menu Tab
    • Main tab allowing you to manage your different solutions/projects
  2. Generator Tabs
    • Allows you to switch between all your Generators
  3. Generators scroll arrows
    • Allows you to scroll in the Generators tabs to access all of them
  4. Solutions list
  5. Button to add a new Solution
  6. Button to change the Solution .sln
    • If one of your colleagues shares his/her RIAGenerator configuration, the paths to every projects can be updated by changing the sln path.
  7. Button to delete a Solution
  8. List of Generators linked to selected Solution
  9. Button to add a new generator
  10. Button to edit generator details
  11. Button to delete a generator
  12. Button to lock a generator (editions / generation locked)
  13. Button to generate a generator
  14. Information about last generation
  15. Button to save all generator details (after an other solution selection )
  16. Button to generate all generators
  17. Button to lock all generator


  1. Path of the concerned solution
  2. Server project wich contains a domain service
  3. Client project where you want to generate a domain context
  4. Generated code options
    • Name of the generators (only for the menu display, the software sorts generators having the same name according to the client project they are related to)
    • Folder where the domain context is generated (default : DomainContext)
    • Choose your namespace \o/ Youhhoouu \o/
    • Defined folder
    • Defined class file
    • Last generation date
  5. Search the service csproj
    • The application seeks the generated DLL in debug or release folder
  6. You can test if the selected project contains a DomainService and Entities
  7. Search the client csproj where you need to generate the DomainContext
  8. Open the folder where the DomainContext is generated
  9. When server and client projects are selected : GGEEENNNEERRRAATTTTE !!
  10. Generation success or error display
  11. After each modification, the generator is not available before a backup (in configuration file)
  12. Lock a generator to prevent edition / generation

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